Patent for a new invention that enables Facebook to use pictures of your family

براءة إختراع جديدة تمكن فيسبوك من استخدام صورك العائلية

It seems that the social networking site the world has decided to add some legal ways violated the rights of users to escape from legal liability, especially after the recent uproar that was raised recently which was investigated with the founder of the site months and billionaire Mark Zuckerberg in the US Congress on the background of the famous case of the special involvement of the community in the diversion and sale data of nearly 87 million users of the site to buy a Car Advice called “Cambridge Asia” the British-based, which used data through the directors to the presidential campaign of your president of the United States of America current Mr. “Donald Trump”.

Dependent patent new invention that the company recorded on the targeting of the family as a whole the commercials by algorithm new software is doing accurate classification of users, whether through the list of family that the user add his relatives to the classification of the degree of kinship as well as analysis of the last name to the users and matching the similar and depends on the images that are being raised by the users and compare the places and times of photography and people that appear in photos are iterative in addition to the use of الGPS a system identify the places via satellite to recognize are members of the same family live in the same geographical location or are they in more than one place in addition to many of the standards for The report of the social engineering which can site in the future targeting of family members to advertising to pay the one-up is the biggest influence on purchase decisions.

With all this progress going on around us in the artificial intelligence techniques and algorithms question remains the most important is this a violation of the privacy of the average user, which is the final authority to which the streets have the major companies for participation in their services in the first place and then exploit as a massive information and active participants in those sites in order to get announcements of trade for the arrival of those goods to a user, and after that effect on the purchase decision by means of those techniques you talk about social engineering and other and even influence the voters politically, as happened in the case of Facebook, the recent election Donald Trump.

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