Patent new Samsung reveal tablet folding


Everyone knows that Samsung is working on a smart phone foldable. What may be more interesting is the patent the following, which describes a tablet device folding that would bend to the inside and outside to assess the dimensions of the device.

The deposit of the patent that in the month of April of this year and approved in October. The description of the patent that what we see in the pictures is a device for repeated user interface with its own direction, or which way you bend it. It will be a party to the tablet’s flexible, made of aluminum-magnesium alloy which adhere to each other, perhaps with some kind of magnet.


Show us Samsung already screen adjustable bend size 14 inch in the exhibition screens annual SID Display, which was held in the city of Los Angeles in the last week of May. With the approval of the patent new, phone Galaxy X folding has become steps to move from the idea of fantasy into a real product.



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