Patent reveals camera editable in Bracelet Apple Watch

I got Apple patented a new wrist watch. smart to include the camera, where the collision detection in the scheme of the patent for having a camera at the end of the bracelet smart watch so that the user can capture images easily without having to move his wrist painfully.

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This concept refers to that the cable can control the rotor to pick up sound from any side of the bracelet, they are scalable at an angle of 360 degrees to pick up sound. User can also attract bracelet forward to taking pictures in the face, or can also fold the bracelet on himself to capture a selfie.

Certainly does not mean the emergence of this patent in the current time that the design is ready or to launch it soon, especially since the Apple company has applied for registration of this patent in September of 2016, the same month in which it launched the company’s second generation of her watch smart.


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