Patent reveals plan to Apple’s unusual to read a fingerprint through the screen

iPhone XS Max

When Apple launched the iPhone X and his successors, I felt a lot of people that Apple finally abandoned the idea of using the sensor of the fingerprint in the smart phones of the future. However, not everyone thinks that. In fact, the show file the patent different in the past that Apple still hosts a lot of methods, techniques and sensor fingerprint.

Can be a patent later that he found out the site Patently Apple is one of the most plans Apple extreme and ambitious yet. Initially, the patent of this new review will sensor fingerprint in the screen, but unlike the rival Apple TV who rely on the sensor of fingerprint optical and ultrasonic, the patent that suggests that the cameras listed in the hole on the screen will be used for scanning the fingerprint.

Show the patent also that the space used to scan the finger fairly large and the whole screen almost. This means that instead of just reading a fingerprint in a certain part of the screen, users can put their fingers anywhere. In addition to using it for security, for the patent also describes how it can be used also to monitor vital signs.

Given the Care Apple TV great health, we are not surprised of the possibility of the presence of features related to health linked to the patent on this. However, maybe we shouldn’t talk more than necessary because this is only a patent and there is no guarantee that Apple will make it a reality. However, these discoveries suggest that Apple did not abandon the idea to embed the sensor of the fingerprint in the screen until now.

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