Patented LG phone full-screen folding

A new report reveals that LG is Taiwanese got a patent for a folding screen complete and contains a number of additional features. The report, which was released via Lets Go Digital that the company has got the invention patent of the entity responsible in the United States in the twenty-second of June before they hit us the details now.

Not like the new design The design of the previous LG, which showed a tablet in 2017, although it looks like a design previously the Samsung got a patent by the Taiwanese company. The phone in the new design appear casual but full screen involve itself.

Perhaps the most important in the new design and what sets it apart, is the joint, which is achieved with a folding screen which will prevent the damage. In addition, according to the patent, the company will be using magnets in addition to it will open automatically when you open the joint as an additional feature mentioned in the documents of the patent.

براءة اختراع من LG لهاتف بشاشة كاملة قابلة للطي

Not available per phone here, so that there is a strange feature too been mentioned also. According to the documents, the phone will be able to export when not in work screen, show the documents to the phone in the pocket of a person and half to the outside, which refers to the advent of the export feature without the work of the screen and existing in the GoPro and snapchat have Spectacles.

The patent shows that the phone will support the possibility of folding over of the form of not one, where, for example, will allow the phone if it was implemented the possibility to be folded V-shaped to take advantage of the camera feature that works without screen work.

Also possible that it is folded phone without access to the end to the screen as a rule when watching movies while the stereo speakers time to provide an integrated experience according to what it says on the patent.

With frequent news currently that Samsung will release her phone rollaway early next year and maybe before to believe Galaxy S10 may see LG also accelerate the issuance of foldable phone fit Samsung before they become her thoughts expired.

The subject patent from LG phone to a full-folding appeared first on say Delta technology.

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