Patents hint for the coming of P50 and 50 with the camera bottom of the screen

Perhaps what saves the smart phones in current time is the concept of full screen free edges, holes and extrusion for the front camera, this after we saw the amazing techniques swept the world of smart phones such as adjusting the camera and the different types of tasks, frequency of the screen is a super height and amazing info.

Now Huawei take strides in the way of the production of the first smart phone sold for general users with screen-free edges and holes with the status of the front camera to the bottom of the screen, this after the company registered a patent for a new technique to allow it, namely that we appear at the official images of patents with a design similar to the authority of the dead, and P leading.

huawei patent

huawei patent

Some reports have suggested we’ll see this design in Huawei phones leading for the coming year 2021, at the current time we don’t know what the technical findings don’t Huawei make it possible, but we know on the other hand, this technique needs a bottle of a certain type above the front camera after you put it down the screen to absorb light so that the camera works at full strength and their details.

Also mentions that companies such as Oppo share may put forward examples of initial assessment is similar but it even now didn’t with respect to space experiments! What do you think? And when do you think we’ll be able to use these technologies effectively?

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