Patents new indicate that Samsung is working on a new smartphone retractable vertically

Samsung Foldable Smartphone

Is expected to drive the Motorola revival of the legendary phone Motorola Razr through the launch of a smart phone retractable adopts the same design through relying on the screen long folding. For phone Galaxy Fold, a subsidiary of Samsung which is the first smart phone retractable from the South Korean company, it has follow a different approach, it features a large screen similar to the screen of tablet devices small to accept the folding in the middle, allowing users to use this device as a phone smart if it was folded as an organ for the tablet in the case if he was lying. However, according to patent a new invention of Samsung company to they also work on the foldable phone will enter in direct competition with the phone Motorola Razr 2019.

Published patent this by the World Intellectual Property known acronym in the name of WIPO earlier this month. Thanks to the site LetsGoDigital, it has become we have a collection of images computer that explain to us how this design looks in real life.

When folded, you can fold the device so that the screen becomes in the outside style phone Huawei Mate X, this is called taking advantage of part of the screen to do other tasks. These tasks may include changing songs, taking pictures of power due to it can access the rear camera in the case of folding, as well as a peek at notifications.


What distinguishes this design from the design used in phone Motorola Razr 2019 associated with the mechanism is folded, which would give the Joint some space to maneuver and allow using the device in a different during folding, including the ability to fold the screen to the inside or outside. Certainly, this concept is new and exciting, and the likelihood of having a completely new design chosen by the manufacturers is interesting. Think smartphones with folding is the future, as evidenced by the increasing number of companies interested in establishing smart phones, folding special.

Seen the smart phone market folding difficult beginning, but the closer the launch date of each of the Huawei Mate X and Galaxy Fold after experienced numerous delays note that it was supposed originally to be the launch of the first phone in the month of June, the third phone in the month of April.

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