Patreon will appear at the analog support Bitcoin Cash

Platform accepts payments in BCH. The service will operate by analogy with Patreon, but with one difference — it will not be censored. To achieve its goal, the team of two developers have already collected 47 of 100 BCH. This writes the News.bitcoin.

Bitcoin Cash found a new use

We will remind, Patreon was created by Jack Conte and Sam Yam. Over the years, Patreon has gained immense popularity among musicians, actors and youtubers. The reason for the popularity of the service is simple — it makes it easy to get donuts. So novice artists earn on your talent.

At Patreon, there are drawbacks. It’s a centralized place censorship of a particular content type. In addition, the service is technically not adapted to payments in the cryptocurrency.

Therefore, programmers Jimmy Birer and Maciej Bolkonski began developing the decentralized analogue of the Patreon. The official release of the platform is scheduled for August 1. The team also released Wallpaper with a detailed description of the functions of the service.

Platform-based Bitcoin to Cash will give full freedom to the content creators and their subscribers. Payment security paired with anonymity give people the opportunity to fully unleash their creativity.

The developers have not forgotten to mention the prospects of the cryptocurrency.

We plan to make the most popular platform for subscriptions online. Thanks to the level of Bitcoin adoption Cash will skyrocket.

Jimmy Birer notes that Bitreon will be more advantages in comparison with Patreon. For example, the service will allow you to enter recurring payments using the plug Electron Cash. The platform itself will work on smartcontract using SDK Nakasendo. To register Bitreon do not have to specify your real data. To send and to receive donations will anonymously.

We do not plan to censor and will always protect the user’s right to freedom of speech.

At the moment Birer and Bavarski have already collected 47 coins Bitcoin Cash out of the hundreds planned. Additional resources the team will spend on the marketing campaign.


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