Payment service Huawei Pay continues to expand to more countries around the world

Huawei Pay

The market of payment services via mobile devices is getting competitive, especially after joining the service of the payment suitable New, a Huawei Pay. The launch of this service already in China, but now the company signed a Huawei deal with UnionPay to bring the payment service Huawei Pay to all over the world.

The first overseas market will get the payment service Huawei Pay will be Russia. Released ten Russian banks 1.3 million cards UnionPay can be used on 400 thousand plants of the state. In the next phase will be the launch payment service for Huawei Pay in Eastern Europe with the knowledge that the services of the competition such as Samsung Pay and Google Pay and Apple Pay focuses heavily on the markets of Western Europe.

Huawei is already lacking the support of its payment service Huawei Pay in the 20 device, including smart phones and watches, and this number would grow in the future.


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