PayPal plans to invest $ 500 million in Uber

مديرة الموارد البشرية السابق في Expedia تنضم إلى أوبر

Skip the company’s PayPal electronic payment investment of $ 500 million in a transport company, participatory AWeber through the purchase of shares through a private placement outside of the financial market and the initial offer price.

And AWeber to ask its shares at a price ranging between 44 – $ 50 per share, where the hosts put up 180 million shares is what makes the company’s market value between 80-90 million, which is lower than the assessment of the experts last year at $ 120 million.

Considers the financial services offered by PayPal is an essential component in AWeber that you plan to reach what is known as a superapp any app that offers a range of services such as transportation, registration, payment, etc. instead of the distribution on several apps for several different companies.

And AWeber losses for the first quarter of the current year more than a million dollars from total sales by more than $ 3 million.

Officially Uber take on the cream compared to $ 3.1 million and sold it as a brand independent

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