PayPal withdraw from the project Libra your Facebook

Today the company announced that PayPal adventure for Libra which is a project of electronic currency which began Facebook implemented through a subsidiary company called Calibra and thus become PayPal is the first company to leave a group that I knew the organization of Libra (Libra Assocuation) a group of companies responsible for coin Libres.

The work of a Libra Facebook

When I started Facebook project Libra she founded the organization “LeBron” just to protect themselves from the legal consequences of this given the track record of Facebook is bad for security and privacy so that the project work of LeBron and if it succeeds it will be a big boom in the world economy and the transfer of funds so Facebook didn’t want to think of the world -including governments – they move in this currency alone.

David Marcus

Withdrawal of PayPal from Libra

As for the reasons for the withdrawal of PayPal from draft LeBron, it’s due to bad reputation of the that surround the world of e-currency and hit their potential on the economy that while there are other rumors confirmed that my company Visa and MasterCard think also in withdrawal of the organization Libres.

Read PayPal sudden death will affect the project negatively, of course, because it was one of the few companies within the project that operate in the field of money transfer already will make it worse. if you quit a visa or Mastercard. Generally supposed to be the launch of the LeBron sometime in the year 2020 the following is a list of the top companies that have membership in the organization Libres:

• Spotify
• Vodafone
• Mastercard
• Visa
• EBay
• AWeber
• Airport
• Facebook (and its care)

So, did the PayPal work “Unfriend” for Facebook?? We shared your comment now..

Source: TechSpot / Wall Street Journal (WJS)

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