Pen Galaxy Note 9 supports Bluetooth

Will Samsung launch the Galaxy Note 9 in the ninth of August Next, and rumors during the last period of trading so much that the next phone from Samsung will great advantages and it will support Bluetooth, but this was not checked previously. Now according to confirmed reports, we can say that the S Pen on your Galaxy Note 9 will support Bluetooth.

One of the rumors that emerged strongly recently is the common enable stylus Samsung work prints, digital, may be achieved where Samsung said previously it is working on this technique, does it come with the advent of the Galaxy Note is that a 9?

The new report notes also that the Touch Pen S Pen will come right-supports control the music and videos remotely and he can also open the assistant artificial intelligence, and Bixby, as an alternative to the button which in phone.

There remains a question very important, with stylus support for Bluetooth will need to be shipped, so how is it done? After a lengthy Search in your documents to the phone that gave us these details we find that the phone will be shipped from the same smartphone, so you won’t be charged through the link is completely in of entry in the phone what is considered a great advantage. Plus, it will recharge when you charge your phone wirelessly also.

And we wish that when you implement this feature that does not say that the impact on battery phone Galaxy Note 9 that we can and that comes with the card. Anyway it is not supposed to be your pen a lot of shipping to its advantages which will be limited to the relatively important development.

We were reminded of this feature by Apple Pen, which comes with the iPad AND charge it through the connector Lightning. This pen is of Apple 12 hours where when you charge it for 15 seconds only works for three minutes. Surely if Samsung has managed to make the battery life of the pen similar to the pen Apple that would be good news too for those who intend to buy the Galaxy Note 9 especially it is shipped from the phone itself without links. What do you think about getting Galaxy Note 9 to the pen supports Bluetooth? We shared your thoughts.

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