Penetrate the Jet Propulsion Lab at NASA with only $ 35

الإعلان عن حاسوب Raspberry Pi 4 مع رام تصل 4 جيجا بايت وسعر يبدأ من 35$

Revealed the U.S. space agency NASA from the entry of hackers into the systems of the computers of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory using a PC race Bay small price of $ 35 only!

I got hack last year where hackers from the portal allowed him access to the lab for several months in unauthorized before it is discovered and close the loophole that has been exploited.

And he disappeared in without a permit to the NASA for a period of ten months through the use of an offshore account, a computer, a mini-race Bay. During his stay in network, NASA did research on the 23 files, two of which contained information specific to the task of exploring Mars current building space vehicles mechanism.

According to the security report issued by NASA about the process, the inventor managed to get the files and data size of 500 MB. Nor tempt the small size of the stolen files, as long as it contains confidential data extremely.

As a result Security Investigations NASA began to apply security measures to a new by its to stop some agencies from access to the portal certain.

It is worth mentioning that the U.S. Department of Justice has been accused of last year Chinese two to penetrate the American space agency NASA and cloud services to U.S. Naval Forces.

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