Pens Apple Pencil of the future may mimic the feeling of writing on paper

Apple Pencil

There’s nothing you can’t do you like about the PEN E-Apple Pencil. Well, it might be kind of pricey, but if you are a person who swallows a lot of digital art, the low latency to the Apple Pencil features non-response for the convenience of the hand is very wonderful, but as is the case with most pens, they are not exactly the same compared to putting pen to actual paper, they do not give you the same feeling.

However, it seems that Apple is targeting maybe the idea of simulate the feeling of writing on paper. According to the Apple World Today, it has discovered the patent to Apple Pencil describing how the company Apple intends to make pens Apple Pencil of the future come with feedback that will allow users to feel that they are writing on the surface of the actual, such as a piece of paper.

According to the description of the patent, it says : ” Can the use of tactile feedback to simulate the texture of textured surface using a stylus. This way, you can receive the same feedback used to provide input feedback haptic during use. The user can continue using the pen input even during the application of tactile feedback on the pen “.

At the moment, there are protectors for iPad designed to simulate the texture of the paper. However, the problem with screen protectors is that they come with a matte layer, which affect the screen colors. Also, there are some who have raised some of the concerns that surface most roughness can receive the pen tip Apple Pencil faster.

Unfortunately, because this is just a patent, there is what confirms to us whether Apple plans to make it real, so don’t be excited so much since now.

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