People in China accused of stealing electricity from oil wells for mining Bitcoin

Chinese police found electrical cables laid from the oil wells at the bottom of the fish ponds. According to representatives of 8BTC, so the residents were stealing electricity drill holes and supplied hardware for mining Bitcoin. The police report States that from the head oil field, Daqing received a call with a complaint about alleged theft of electricity.

Daqing is one of the largest oil fields in China, located in Heilongjiang province. Police initiated an investigation and checked the area from the air using unmanned aerial vehicles. Combed the area in a radius of two kilometers, the police were able to gather enough evidence for a criminal case. Yet the local edition of The Global Times did not disclose the alleged suspects and pilferage.

We will remind, in October 2018, another Chinese citizen was sentenced to 3.5 years of imprisonment for theft of electricity from the train station. Also in December of last year, the citizens of Taiwan were arrested for stealing electricity for mining bitcoins, and esters. Then the attacker managed mined cryptocurrency 14.5 million dollars.

In Europe, too, are not far behind: in February of this year in the German town of Klingenthal arrested a group of suspects in the theft of electricity amounting to more than $ 3 million.

Where most of the miners?

As shown by the report cryptocladopelma company Coinshare, the main refuge of the majority of Bitcoin miners is a mountainous Sichuan province in southwest China.

Source: Coinshares

According to experts, this is due to the large volumes of cheaper hydropower in the region because of the upcoming rainy season. In our cryptodata you will find other useful information, go.

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