People say goodbye Catherine Johnson and gaps Bluetooth threaten dozens of devices and more

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ناسا تودع كاثرين جونسون وثغرات البلوتوث تهدد عشرات الأجهزة الطبية والمزيد

The death of the scientist math the former NASA’s Katherine Johnson at the age of 101 years, and the gaps associated with the Bluetooth threaten dozens of medical devices, did you miss what happened during the twenty-four hours ago? Here’s a snapshot of the highlights of the news that you need to know in less than two minutes:

People deposited mathematician Katherine Johnson:

Announced Agency Aviation and Aerospace America (NASA) yesterday about the death of the mathematician (Catherine Johnson) Katherine Johnson at the age of 101 years.

It was Johnson that calculates the tracks minute trip (Neil Armstrong) and his team, which allowed them to land on the moon in 1969 and return to Earth safely. Has been granted by the former US President (Barack Obama) Presidential Medal of freedom in 2015 in recognition of its achievements.

Also introduced a Hollywood movie version of her autobiography bears the name of a (Hidden Figures) has been nominated for three Oscar Awards in 2017.

Gaps related to Bluetooth depends on threatening dozens of medical devices:

Discovered researchers from the Singapore University of technology and design 12 a new vulnerability in the technology (Bluetooth) Bluetooth – dubbed SweynTooth – likely to know more than 480 device at risk, including: desktops, fitness tracking and smart locks, and medical devices.

Can’t exploit the gaps SweynTooth in an online attack, but it can be hackers of radio range attacks to disable the devices target entirely, or disable its connection, or grab them in some cases. In addition to all kinds of smart devices for the home and institutions, the list also includes pacemakers, and blood glucose monitoring, and more.

Bezos establish a fund of $ 10 billion dollars to protect the planet:

Devoted to Jeff Bezos $ 10 billion of his personal fortune to establish a fund named (Bezos Earth), who will be the scientists, activists and non-governmental organizations to combat the devastating impact of climate change on the planet.

Although a spending plan, this amount is not clear, however, is greater than twice the amount pledged by 29 charitable foundation to fight climate change in 2018, which totaled $ 4 billion.

3 surveillance cameras for cars offers tempting:

Think (cameras dashboard) Dashboard camera is an important way to protect motorists from road accidents, through the provision of dimensions, see additional road without distraction. But to find the appropriate camera for your needs is stressful, so we offer you 3 cameras for cars offers alluring.

Important tips you can take advantage of:

Intended to speak with (Assistant Google Voice) is the easiest way to get answers to your questions, or turn your home to smart, or to know the status of the weather, or perform a lot of tasks through Android phones as well as iPhone. But you can now count on you to get instant translation of your conversation with someone else talking in a different language.

The gate Arab News Technical people say goodbye Catherine Johnson and gaps Bluetooth threaten dozens of devices and more

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