Performance test – iPhone X against the Galaxy Note 9 – which is faster?!

The Samsung announced the phone Galaxy Note 9, which is considered as the best phones for this year. In this article, we will continue with several tests of power and performance with compared to the number of phones of the competition and at the forefront for iPhone X In addition to Android phones, and high-end.

اختبار الأداء: آيفون X ضد جالكسي نوت 9 - أيهما أسرع ؟!

Performance test: iPhone X against the Galaxy Note 9 – which is faster?!

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 The New available in a double version with the hand processor and memory (random often), but these tests were on the public version of the Processor Snapdragon 845 with RAM 6 Gb storage capacity of 128 GB, which is version cost 1000$ just like the iPhone X.

Performance test: iPhone X is still faster!

Can phone Galaxy Note 9 to achieve 8,876 point in choosing the overall performance of the cross-platform GeekBench 4 that is a very good result, but the iPhone X is still a superior detective, the result amounted to 10,357 points, also miss the oneplus one to the Galaxy Note 9 lead simple terms achieved 9,088 points, came as a result of phones competition is as follows:

اختبار الأداء: آيفون X لا يزال أسرع من جالكسي نوت 9!

Performance test: iPhone X is still faster than the Galaxy Note 9!

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In the test graphics graphics cross-platform 3DMark Slingshot Extreme, it has also outperformed phones oneplus 6 and iPhone X difference of simple also as it appears in the results. But in general these differences both in the test-first or second doesn’t mean a lot of practice.

اختبار الجرافيكس

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