Performance was disappointing in the first trading day was Uber

Shares fell AWeber in the first trading session not by more than 7% to its price to 41.35 USD retreating from the initial offer price of $ 45 dollars, thus the company managed to collect $ 8.1 million from investors.

The AWeber aspire because the value of the initial subscription more than $ 100 million after launching the difficult for its rival American do, but they reached the limits of just $ 70 million.

According to analysts, the price was high being comes at a premium of 6 times the sales of the company for the year which is not a tempting investment, especially with the risk of liquidation instant.

Too early to judge the performance of the shares before to spend a few trading sessions, but if he continues to decline it will be difficult for the company to raise sufficient funds to finance their operations, especially that the company lost 3.04 million on the grounds of operating for 2018, while the achieved yield of 11.3 million, for operating losses over the past three years to more than $ 10 million.

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