Performer Akon will be engaged in building his own cryptoguard in Africa

American singer Akon was another celebrity that promotes the cryptocurrency. Token Akoin must become the “Savior of Africa” and the basis for a new kriptopolis in the country. It is reported Bitcoinist.

The crypt will change the world

Akon was born in St. Louis, but most of his childhood spent in Senegal. Singer calls West African country, “homeland” and wants to achieve its prosperity. To this end, he has launched a major project Akon Crypto City, which involves the construction of a complex on 2,000 acres of land.

I believe that the blockchain and cryptocurrency may be the salvation for Africa. These techniques return the power over money in the hands of the people themselves. The crypt gives us the opportunity to manage their own funds and not depend on the state.

Previously, Americans were already involved in humanitarian projects. Akon participated in the development of Lighting Africa in 2014. This project involves a gradual transition of the continent on solar energy.

President macky Sall of Senegal took care of the selection of two thousand acres of the area under need Akon Crypto City, further questions the head of state discussed at the personal meeting with Eikona. Sall hopes that the project will be “the first of its kind cryptogram with the use of payments via the cryptocurrency Akoin”.

American celebrities have a negative experience associated with the crypt. Previously, DJ Khaled was involved in the promotion of cryptocurrency CTR Token, which in the end turned out to be a Scam.

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