Phil Schiller: Apple and Adobe are working on breakthrough technology for the iPad Pro

Apple is working together with Adobe on the implementation of several breakthrough technologies, which will be fulfilled in Photoshop for iPad. About that Phil Schiller, Apple’s senior Vice President of worldwide product marketing, said from the stage, speaking in Los Angeles at the Adobe MAX event in 2018. According to a top Manager, he is very pleased that companies have found common ground on key products and made the decision on joint development.

“At Apple, we attach great importance to the evolutionary development of the iPad as a tool for work and creativity, — said Schiller from the stage Adobe MAX 2018. — For this reason, over the past several years we have been engaged in the development of the line iPad Pro, implementing unique technology, for example, a special version of our chip sets And series that offer the highest level of computing power and a huge potential for graphics, as demanded by professional users”.

Relationship of Adobe and Apple

According to Schiller, Adobe highly appreciated the potential of the signature Apple tablet, and Photoshop for the iPad is only the start of a long and, no doubt, productive of relations of the two most promising corporations. Basis for you, see Schiller, laid himself Steve jobs. He gave his players to understand that all the innovations are due to a combination of technological and human Sciences, forming the presentation on a truly wonderful product.

Photoshop for iPad

A full version of Photoshop for iPad will be released in 2019, confirmed the CEO of Adobe Scott Belsky. It is expected that by that time Apple will introduce even more disruptive iPad Pro with edge-to-edge display and 7-nanometer chipset A12X that will provide stable work of such demanding applications. Despite the high performance of the future tablet developers Adobe has tried to ease Photoshop by turning it on high priority work with the cloud.

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