Phil Spencer confirms that Microsoft is still seeking to acquire a studio of video games in Asia


After the acquisition made by Microsoft on many of the development teams for video games, consider Xbox Game Studios is now on it turns to be a dominant force in the video games industry in the next few years with Microsoft’s intention to continue in this market. With that, Phil Spencer confirms he’s still looking forward to more.

In a new article via Eurogamer, confirmed Phil Spencer head of Department of Xbox and games windows that the company is still thinking about buying a development team in Asia:

I look at the geographic diversity of Team Development us I love the fact that we have three development teams in Britain. If you have to return to decades past, you could argue that the Britain of the most influential countries on the development of games. I like the fact that we exist here in this force. Now we have development teams in Canada and in other regions of the United States of America, but I think that there is a gap in Asia. I said this to Matt and Mark, I would like to be our dye Asian Development teams of our own.

Well, we noticed this time that Phil Spencer talked about Asia in general, and not Japan in particular. Let’s see what plans Microsoft.

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