Phil Spencer denies the existence of the Xbox custom to infuse the cloud from Microsoft Corporation

Phil Spencer_Xbox

We had heard previously that Microsoft is working on a home for the next generation, some sources indicated that a second device under the code name “Lockhart” is the Xbox weaker and cheaper compared with the device main “Scarlett”, while other sources have noted that the device is dedicated to broadcasting the cloud.

And while past reports indicate that Microsoft has stopped work on the device cheaper, here is Phil Spencer the head of Department of Xbox and games windows have Microsoft deny the existence of a dedicated device for broadcast cloud during a meeting with Gamespot:

We don’t work on your house dedicated to broadcasting cloud at the current time. We look at the phone in my pocket at the present time as essential to infuse, in will allow you to the device home to which we can run the games locally.

And recall that Microsoft is moving to launch its home for the next generation “Xbox Scarlett” in 2020, and that in addition to the service xCloud to play cloud, and that will start first by smartphones.

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