Phil Spencer explains how the service works xCloud and technology Console Streaming

Phil Spencer_Xbox

Through the meeting, which had Network The Verge with Phil Spencer, head of Xbox and games for Windows, and sacrificed the latter to the way they operate the service xCloud cloud from the company:

xCloud is that we put the motherboard for the Xbox in the data center Azure, and to hear you that you communicate with the motherboard of this and play on the hardware special to us. So if you don’t have Xbox or your device is not available, you’ll be able to contact our xCloud and play. xCloud is that we put the Xbox in the cloud, and the communication process we have carried out through your smart phone, the first priority for us. This allows you to carry your playing experience wherever you are, this is xCloud.

The technical Console Streaming:

When you purchase the Xbox you actually bought the same gear that we put in the cloud, so we challenged ourselves and we ask the question: Can we hear you that you download the gear Xbox to your data center, the xCloud on your own, so that you will be able to airing games that have them from your home to your smartphone for free? This is a technique for Console Streaming. It allows you to broadcast the games that have them from your home and you are overseas to your smart phone.

What’s interesting is the confirmation of Phil Spencer that this technique will work for FREE also.

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