Phil Spencer: I wish I participated Sony at E3 2019!

Phil Spencer_Xbox

Sony has taken to interactive resolution to be absent from the home shopping and Electronic Entertainment E3 2019, and is a decision that sparked much controversy among the lovers of video games. It seems that Phil Spencer head of Department of Xbox and games windows have Microsoft of America was not happy with this absence, it is during his interview with Giant Bomb confirmed that the frequency of some companies:

I wish I’d had the Sony here, I wish I was active here. I think that E3 won’t be as it is without everybody.

Phil Spencer confirmed that it considers that the knowledge of shopping and entertainment, the current is a real opportunity for the industry to prove to the world what can video games do it, so can video games to prove itself more and more as an independent art.

Anyway, it’s worth noting that Phil Spencer is one of the administrators to purchase the ESA, the company responsible for the E3 expo each year.

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