Philips unveils smart TV new 4K with Android TV costs just$ 350


When you think of the 4K TVs, it is concerned of the possibility to be expensive. To some extent, this applies to some of the 4K TVs of some brands, but if you have a relatively small budget and want to get on the TV in 4K, you may be happy to know that Philips has recently launched a TV Smart at a reasonable price.

This new smart TV from Philips comes in two versions, one size 43-inch and other sized 75 inch. As for the ratio of 43-inch from this new smart TV, they are a cost starting from 350 USD. Of course, this price is very reasonable for for the the size of 43 inches and accurately 4K, and it runs Android TV and comes with a digital assistant Google Assistant.

Means use the platform Android TV that users can expect access to a large number of applications, compared with the operating systems your company manufacturers for televisions other which may not provide the same amount of applications. Regardless of the operating system, this new smart TV from Philips also comes with mics and Bluetooth near-term to be able to users to activate the Google Assistant, which also means that you should be able to use it to do things you might expect from a speaker of the smart Google Home.

It also seems that were included with Chromecast in that the new smart TV so that users are able to stream content wirelessly from their mobile devices into TVs of their own.


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