Phone battery LG G8 ThinQ compact tightly, it is impossible to replace it

LG G8 ThinQ

It seems that the operating system in the phones LG still uses some of the warning messages of old. In fact, still displays a warning about not removing the battery, despite the fact that the manufacturers of Android devices, including the LG company itself, no longer use removable batteries in smartphones modern. While this is as a reminder of how you need to take care of the operating system in the phone your LG, it appears that the change that got the phone LG G8 ThinQ makes things more complicated.

Most of the smart phones available in the market today come with batteries compact and is easily removable, but this does not mean that it is non-removable completely. Can take the device to repair center certified to replace the battery, and in case if tend to adventure a lot, then ask for a new battery online and the necessary tools, and then dismantle the phone and replacement battery yourself.

But LG is not kidding about the battery in the phone LG G8 ThinQ because they do things if they are removed. Turns out it was listed in its place with the permanent adhesive. In this case, is not provided tape to remove the battery easily, and also use adhesive light. Instead, when you try to remove the battery, you could end up to bend easily, which may lead to crushing of the layers of the anode and cathode together, which may cause burning of the battery. So, no matter how good you are at hardware repair, if you buy the phone LG G8 ThinQ, it is safer not to try to replace the battery yourself.

Was discovered that before YouTube the famous Zack Nelson of channel JerryRigEverything when he was trying to disassemble the phone LG G8 ThinQ. Watch the video below to see for yourself how difficult taking the battery out of this phone.

Regardless of this, it is extremely difficult to actually dismantle other components accessible. Not only that, the internal data used in the phone is modular to some extent, so it is possible to replace all the components, except the battery as you know.

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