Phone battery Nubia Red Magic 3 would have a capacity of 5000mAh at least


Revealed to us the director-general for sub-brand Nubia of ZTE, Mr. Ni Fei about some details about the phone Nubia Red Magic 3, including the fact that it will have a processor Snapdragon 855, and the random size of 12GB, and a rate of update is high, etc. So I suggested ad headline and continuing to phone Nubia Red Magic 3 new card will feature a larger capacity of 3800mAh, which we saw in the phone Nubia Red Magic Mars.

Current projections indicate that the phone Nubia Red Magic 3 will feature a battery with a capacity of 5000mAh, which is the largest battery you can find her currently in smart phone is designed basically for the players. For phone Nubia Red Magic Mars to the current, it features a battery that supports fast charging 18 watts, and yet we don’t know whether the phone Nubia Red Magic 3 will be released with the technology to charge faster or whether it would be with shipping a similar.

The other feature that’s interesting in the phone Nubia Red Magic 3 is the cooling technology the air compact. Previous models rely on Steam, which draws heat to the exits. Will contain the new phone on the internal fan, and this was confirmed by Mr. Ni Fei, when he published a picture of a patent registered by the company.

Will work the fan to improve cooling by 73 percent, and will only work in cases where you are running the games to high performance. Generally, we’ll find full details of when is the official unveiling of the phone in the month of April next.


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