Phone Blackberry Ghost will be released under the name of the Blackberry Evolve on 2 August


The company BlackBerry is preparing to launch a new smartphone in India with its partner local Optiemus frequency at the beginning he carries the name of the Blackberry Ghost. Later he said the coach is a famous American Evan Blass that this phone will carry the name of the Blackberry Evolve, there will come along with the powerful brother of the Blackberry Evolve X.

After a series of leaks, has finally been set a date to highlight on this phone. The company said Optiemus recently scheduled a special event on the second day of the month of August in India where it will be a formal unveiling of the new phone.

Frequency in the past and that phone Blackberry Evolve will feature a battery with a capacity of 4000mAh, rear camera, double the zoom optical. As you suggested the image was leaked in the month of February last that this phone will have a framework made of metal screen long without a cut in the middle part of the upper, but still other technical specifications are unknown.

Due to the presence of the phrase ” Secure Your Date ” instead of ” Save The Date“, it is likely that the phone comes new with popular security Blackberry DTEK to enhance the level of privacy on the phone through the secured communication channels and transfers data.

Given that the phone is Blackberry Motion not available in India, it is expected that the phone will be the Blackberry Evolve is the first phone without a Qwerty keyboard for up to India since the revival of the Canadian brand.



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