Phone CC9e in the first promotional video of Shawty

It was published by Shao first a promotional video clip for the first idea of the relationship of CC on Weibo, as well as monitoring leaks picture phone CC9e.

The company was Shao has held a conference recently to announce the launch of its new brand of smartphones and CC, and today the company published at the expense of its official Weibo first promotional video for promulgation first of the brand.

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And from this promo to highlight the advantage of filming selfie phone CC9e that appears in the promo, which confirms the statements of the company that the new production line is targeted at young people more privileges in the cable car.

By the last published leaks photographer for Mi CC9e that comes the design of the bump diameter in the screen design, the more deflection of the bump diameter possible for Mi 9 SE.

I have referred earlier report that the phone CC9e comes with a characteristic size of 6.39 inches, it also features full control of Silva featured strictly 32-megapixel, with sensor key camera background accurately 48 mega pixel camera, it was also pointed out that the chip Snapdragon 712 supports this version with a battery capacity of 4000 mAh, so we expect the official announcement about the phone in the coming period.


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