Phone dead X too will be launched without apps, Google

Published Reuters website a few days ago a report carrying the news is fell bad for the fans of Huawei is to deprive the series Dead 30 apps Google basic that, in view of the current business between America and China -and specifically Huawei – this is where the series Dead 30 will be running Android, naturally they will not have the services of Google, most notably the Play Store and YouTube.

You may be wondering how this happens, although Huawei has already got the 90 days extra in which to deal with corporate America? And the answer simply lies in that this “amnesty” does not include the issuance of individual licenses by American companies-such as Google – Huawei if you don’t know can’t any company that use the applications and services Google on Android only license them.

Simply put, Google can’t afford to permit Huawei to use their services like Chrome, Play Store or YouTube this means that these apps will not be present on your phone once you run it for the first time except that of course since Android is an open source system would be the user can download these apps and use them but on the other hand this task may be difficult for some which will inevitably affect the sales of the series Dead New.

The new in this story is that according to the website Nikkei Asian finally dead X removable bending will be subjected to the same source the Wild will have to the applications and services Google when it was launched, although the phone has been announced before the occurrence of such crisis between Huawei and the President Trump.

Bottom line, Google Now can’t license the Android system Phones Huawei though this is not about any exceptions, we can say for sure that all Huawei phones coming will suffer the same fate unless this problem is solved.. you are approaching the Huawei end?

Source: AndroidPolice

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