Phone Essential PH-1 will get three years of security updates

Essential PH-1

The co-founder of Android, Mr. Andy Rubin established the company specializing in the manufacture of smart phones are called Essential since two years. After that, the company released the first Smart Phone, an Essential PH-1, Now there are many people who are waiting for the arrival of the successor of this phone, but hesitated in the recent past that the company Essential decided to cancel the phone Essential PH-2 and was considering selling itself. Obviously, this has led to speculation about the continued support for the current company. As a result, the company went out Essential now for her silence to clarify things and explained that the phone Essential PH-1 will get updates to Android Main for two years.

The company Essential recently published a tweet on the Twitter network about the system Android P demo of the phone Essential PH-1, and indicated that it fixed some errors related to Bluetooth and Dark Mode. In this tweet, many users press the company about its plans to support this phone, and the duration of support.

Police responded to phone Essential the PH-1 will continue to receive updates to the Android Main for two years in addition to the security updates during the next three years. That’s really what he was expecting when customers are purchasing this device because the manufacturers of Android devices don’t typically support devices outside the scope of this time period.



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