Phone EVO X at the price of only $ 100 !

Always be monitoring many of the Apple products fake, the circle of the headphones are fake and hours to watch a copycat, and now the monitor with you device EVO X fakes at the price of only $ 100!

This report comes from the website Motherboard, which has tested and display the phone EVO X fake, the beginning of the external design of the phone has been designed with a high degree of precision design identical to the original phone, there is no button of concrete, and carried out the distribution of ordinary studs with separate Lightning holes herself down the phone.

The external enclosure of the phone are very similar with the phone box designed by Apple in California, with a paper explaining the way you use Face ID, there is also the IMEI number printed on the side of Science such as that on your EVO X real.

But when you restart the phone, it looks like it’s not real clearly, where the works EVO X fake running Android rate with rhythms similar to those found in the iPhone original, and when you open the application APP Store like the Google Play appears instead of them, so when you run maps Apple, Google Maps is showing. You can clearly see the lack of extension of the screen until the end of the phone, but that the notes and they come to the edge of the thick from the top.

The report warns of the danger of these programs and applications gas reliable and can cause harm to the users data where they ask all these apps access to the contacts list, camera, microphone and other personal information.

Finally and most important difference you can be sure that this faith is false that it is sold at a price of only $ 100 which is definitely a price lower than the prices of phones are Android vulnerable.

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