Phone Finney of Sirin Labs comes with a double and a developer by block Chi

هاتف Finney من Sirin Labs يأتي بشاشة مزدوجة ومطور بتقنية بلوك تشين

The HTC two months ago, the idea for the developer of the report of the block Qi andI talked yesterday about the near launch of the phone with the end of the year, but it seems they will face competition from another company which is Sirin Labs that revealed the phone works with the technology will launch in the month of November.

So that the company will launch the phone Finney, which comes with a double rate will be about 1,000$, and will work with the system Sirin OS which is developed by the company, which is basically certified from Google being based on the Android operating system 8.1.

There will come a phone with a processor Snapdragon 845 with 6 GB of RAM memory, in addition to the internal storage space of 128 GB can be lifted by external memory cards.

The phone also comes with a screen measuring 6 inches dimensions 18:9, and with a screen almost full with a bump at the top, and adds the screen of the other small rises to the top, led by 2 inches almost, by bringing the phone with him also front camera accurately 8 mega pixels, rear camera accurately 12 Mega Pixel. In addition to the battery capacity of 3,280 Milli-amp/ hours.

The manufacturer says they want a revolution in the world of phones with the technology to block the Qi which provides the decentralization of transactions as well as credibility.

The company will use the small screen on the top to carry out operations, block Qi and digital transactions, will also be application of technical and scientific digital different in the phone system for easier handling.

The strange thing is that the company will buy her phone. by digital currencies that run on their own, which puts question marks about the nature of the deal and the phone being basically built on the Android platform. Knowing that the Argentine star Lionel Messi is doing the promotional campaigns of the company which would bring a lot of buyers don’t.

Recall that HTC did not announce the Launch Date of the phone, exactly it is what makes there suitable is the first phone report of the block Qi, although HTC originally stated using a new operating system developers from the technical and talk about being built on the Android platform.

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