Phone for Oppo F11 Pro brings the design of all control Silva popup also

Confirmed the company Oppo on its own account officially, that phone F11 Pro come Design Camera selfie pop-up, it also comes with the settings of the double cable control of rear.

Oppo F11 Pro elevating selfie camera

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Follow my company Oppo also design pop-up camera the front need rule of smart phone for Oppo F11 Pro, where is confirmation of this design through the teaser of the company at the expense of its official.

And the Oppo camera selfie phone F11 Pro design rises from the middle of the phone, i.e. on the reverse design which was presented in the telephone NEX S of vivo, for example, where the cable car emanating from the lateral part of the design of the phone.

While come camera back of the phone settings and double, also includes phone F11 Pro sensor fingerprint in the background, as the logo appears for Oppo in the back of the phone also.

And teaser of the second company for the gradient blue color phone for Oppo F11 Pro, also expected to feature a camera background phone home sensor accurately 48 mega pixel camera, where it is expected to return this sensor to Samsung in the sensor of the GM1, or Sony in the sensor IMX586, so we expect to identify Oppo date of the next conference to reveal this version officially.


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