Phone Galaxy A50 gets new update to improve the performance of a fingerprint sensor!

Started phones Galaxy A50 to receive a new update carries the version number A505FNXXS3ASK9 with the security update for the month of November 2019 and some improvements they improve the performance of a fingerprint sensor built-in phone screen.

هاتف جالكسي A50 يحصل على تحديث جديد لتحسين أداء مستشعر البصمةPhone Galaxy A50 gets new update to improve the performance of a fingerprint sensor

Device Galaxy A50 is one of the most successful phones category projected for the year 2019, and cheaper phones that include sensor fingerprint built-in screen.

However, this sensor did not provide performance as good as the sensors embedded on the screens of smartphones or even the sensor material at the phones available, which led to resentment from a lot of users.

Since the appearance of this complaint after the release of the phone, Samsung has started to send updates to improve the performance of the device most important update July andupdate June the last two, and every time the company added more features and performance footprint a little, however the recent update offers a significant development in the performance of the fingerprint on the Galaxy A50 user can be clearly seen.

Update Galaxy A50 new increases the speed of response of the sensor footprint very remarkably, has already started in the access to users in European countries and some Asian markets, the owners can A50 get it now.

To make sure the arrival of the update to your phones, go to Settings > System Updates and make sure to update your phone continuously.

Tell us in the comments, did you get the update to you? And what do you think of the performance of a fingerprint sensor on the Galaxy A50 after the update?

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