Phone Galaxy Note 10 Pro would in fact be coming to the market under the name of the +Galaxy Note 10

Galaxy Note 10

We used to live in a lie over the past period, believing that women are the finest of the phone Galaxy Note 10 you’ll get the name of the Galaxy Note 10 Pro, while she’s going to in fact to market under the name of the +Galaxy Note 10.

This new name makes sense because it is in line with the registration system currently used by Samsung in the series phones Galaxy S10 Series. Since we are discussing the series phones Galaxy Note 10 Series, it is expected to include this series of three smartphones, namely the Galaxy Note 10 expected with a screen with a diameter of 6.4 inch, the phone +Galaxy Note 10 expected with a screen with a diameter of 6.7 inches, and the average energy, with 5G of the latter.

The following are the three blurry images of the phone +Galaxy Note 10 actually. This photo is not very clear, but it is still good enough to give us the correct name of the phone, and confirm his arrival with a front camera and one in the hole will be in the Middle top of the screen, and with three cameras in vertical position in the upper left corner of the back of the phone.

In the case if the previous rumors are true, it is likely that the company Samsung slide the curtain officially series phones, Galaxy Note 10 Series in the seventh day of the month of August, but we expect to get more leaks related to this series before that.


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