Phone Galaxy Note 9 gets the color black, the middle of the night in the US markets


The phone has got the most developed of the Korean company Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to the new and color is black in the middle of the night, and maybe come to this settlement to refer to pitch-black for this Color. This Color is already available for purchase in the markets of the United States of America, and up the price for containing 128GB of storage capacity to 999$ through the website of Samsung.

To change the specifications of this phone, it comes with Super Amoled display size of 6.4-inch and accurately QHD Plus, and has in his heart-on-chip Snapdragon 845, and features 6 GB of RAM, and up the battery capacity to 4000 Milli-amp.

Will be available phone with a capacity of 512 GB on the 26th of October Current, at a price of 1250$.

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