Phone Galaxy Note 9 shown in the picture leaked review the overall design

Earlier this week, alleged photos leaked they show the interface of the phone Galaxy Note 9 has appeared now another diversion to give us a peek at the back of the phone upcoming flagship from Samsung.

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This photo shared by Ice leago show the back of the phone, we can see a design that resembles the design of Galaxy Note 8, but with differences as clear as the reader insight to the bottom of the camera instead of the side of the camera.

At the bottom, we can see the USB-C port, and the network of the woofer and port the sky the traditional. It is true, still there is a slot for the S Pen, which looks like it will be in yellow while the device will be in blue with other colors!

Based on the leaks that we saw till now, the Galaxy Note 9 completely similar to the case Note 8, This might be disappointing for some.

Source: Ice Universe

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