Phone +Galaxy S10 began to receive the first update, and brings with it several improvements and fixes

Samsung Galaxy S10+

Been advertising for the phone +Galaxy S10 a few days ago, but it already has the first update to fix some problems in the operating system and to enhance security and improve some other aspects. Most importantly is that it allows you to reset the custom button for the digital assistant Bixby to do something else.

According to the changes that come out of this update, this update fixes many of the security vulnerabilities of the small critical associated with Android in general and the software company Samsung in particular. Moreover, he also fixes some problems with the camera application, as well as improving the accuracy and speed of fingerprint reader built-in screen. And we’ve talked already about the problems related to this new technology on more than one occasion, we are eager to see the performance of the fingerprint reader, which works with ultrasound after the update.

The camera application also received thanks to the new update on greater integration with the application of Instagram so that you can now publish videos and photos directly in your feed on Instagram through the camera app to default in the phone. At the present time, we heard that this update is available for the phone +Galaxy S10 in the Netherlands, Germany and the United Kingdom and France, but probably will be more areas in the next couple of days.


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