Phone Galaxy S10 comes reader fingerprint embedded inside the screen!

Refer many rumors that the Samsung Galaxy S10 next will be the first phone from Samsung holds the technology reader-fingerprint built-in screen under the main.

All that speculation after I had finished it Samsung of develop that technical excellence will be delivered to its users in the near future, but require more time to improve its accuracy.

Previously received the phone Galaxy 9 many of the rumors that suggest it will come with that new technique but recently it was denied that information, and with the passage of days is certainly more on the phone Galaxy S10 that technical

It has appeared that technique for the first time in the company phones Vivo famous has won the admiration of many for faster fingerprint reader new built-inside shots the first screen of the phone has been developed by Synaptics instead of the back of traditional which often misses the users by clicking on the camera back instead of the fingerprint reader to them.

سامسونج جلاكسي S10

But suggest the recent rumors that Samsung is developing a device fingerprint sensor in the phone screen, which uses ultrasound technology which is said to be more accurate, but more expensive to produce.

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