Phone Galaxy S20 has a refresh rate of 96Hz hidden

Featuring the series phones Galaxy S20 refresh rate associated with the company’s 120 Hz, allowing the experience of the use of the Ideal Company, where everything seems fast and smooth. However, this feature consumes a lot of battery. But, what if you want to experience the refresh rate to high without losing a lot of battery?

Feature phones Galaxy S20 rate update Hefei 96 Hz. In theory, should provide this on a middle ground and reasonable between the update rate and high consumption of battery, but Samsung did not enable this option until now, but you can do it without having to connect your phone to the computer.

One of the developers created an application that puts the two keys to a refresh rate of 120 or 96 Hz in the quick settings in the phone, allowing users to easily switch between the two without having to restart the phone, at which time the limited refresh rate of 96 Hz on the screen resolution of Full HD+.

Did not test the refresh rate of 96 Hz so far and the extent of utilization of the battery and the experience of the app is entirely at your own risk, but must be less expendable compared to 120 Hz unless you Samsung something wrong, and you can download the app by clicking on this link.

Source: gsmarena

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