Phone Galaxy S20 Ultra will feature a frame made of stainless steel

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Used Samsung frames made of aluminum in generations, the last five of its smart phones leading. Now, the fans became ready for a surprise because we have now the rumor new that phone Galaxy S20 Ultra will feature a frame made of stainless steel. The disclosure of this information by the same person who was behind the leaking of the first photo-realistic phone Samsung flagship next.

Currently, the company uses Apple alone stainless steel in the structure. Include the Three Generations, The Last of the iPhone framework made of stainless steel, a framework that resists scratches more compared with aluminum as it provides stiffness and better durability of the smartphone.

On the other hand, adopts stainless steel more dense, which may be a problem for some users, because the Galaxy S20 Ultra will probably be the phone huge. Sure that the weight will be in the range of 200 grams, this may be an inconvenience depending on how you carry your smart phone.


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