Phone Galaxy S9 worst of the series phones Galaxy S best-selling since 2012 !

Use Samsung to reveal its new phone Galaxy Note 9 in early August, specifically in a press conference on August 9 in the city of New York, which is an early date on the usual schedule to launch this series, but the Korean company has a strong motive for such an act.

Where revealed some of the reports that defended Samsung in the launch of its new phone early, is to give its new phone more of the time of sale ahead of the launch of Apple phones iPhone annual the first of September of the current year, and also mentioned some other reports that Samsung has decided to modify its schedule for all phones of Galaxy S10 Galaxy Note 9 to allow a series of new phones that you intend to launch for the first time a galaxy X folding.

Now publish the site Digitimes new report claiming to explain why forced Samsung to accelerate its schedule and compliance schedule old launch for the new device Galaxy Note 9 .

Citing inside information from sources Taiwan-based supply chain, a subsidiary of Samsung, where the report claims it will launch the Galaxy Note 9 in advance in order to attract more buyers by other companies where the sales were the latest model leading buy Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 plus lower than expected.

The report gives the reason behind the low sales of my phone Galaxy S9 Galaxy S9 plus that the company did not provide any new phones from the previous phones to Galaxy S8 Galaxy S8 plus, therefore, the frequency of many in the purchase of new phones and phones on the cuts is unprecedented on their prices in just one month of its launch with the aim of increasing sales of their.

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