Phone games ASUS ROG is applicable in India on 29 November

This theme phone games, ASUS ROG is applicable in India on the 29th of November appeared on Engadget.

Use ASUS to launch a phone of its ad hoc gaming ASUS ROG that comes with the system cooling is new with higher specifications that support the experience of the featured games.


The complexity of company Asus for its next conference in India on the 29th of November, where the phone its possible to custom gaming ASUS ROG, which revealed for the first time in the month of June.

Comes phone the ASUS ROG screen AMOLED display size of 6 inch quality display of Full HD Plus also supports HDR content when a frequency of 90Hz, as characterized by fast response 1ms.

The phone boasts technology DCIP3 also supports the content of the games HDR through a custom segment in your phone, as the phone runs with the support of the chip Snapdragon processor 845 which provide the speed of 2.96 GHz on the phone with a ram of 8 GB RAM.

This version comes to cooling system for the games used the technique works on the heat dissipating effectively improve the performance of the processor, it also has two phone buttons possible with the click sound at the edge of the left side of the phone, with another button to the bottom right edge of the phone.


To support these buttons also customization in the experience of the games to support the user in specific tasks in games with support for both horizontal and vertical mode to play, also supports these buttons also customization in other tasks with games such as the revitalization of specific applications, for example.

It also features a telephone ASUS ROG engine to the vibration with games, also the phone supports a battery capacity of 4000 mAh, with charger 30W ability to charge the phone from zero to 60% in 33 minutes.

Also as in custom versions for the games of smart phones, the logo of the phone adds in the back also supports a range of effects, the technique also allows the lighting of the RGB in the phone to sync the lighting in the phone more than ASUS ROG wirelessly.


Phone ASUS ROG also supports some of the accessories to experience the game characteristic, such as the secondary display can relate to the phone via TwinView Dock where the AMOLED display size of 6 inches, the quality of the FHD display plus.


The specification of the phone Asus ROG Phone
  • AMOLED screen sized 6 inch quality display of Full HD Plus accurately 2160 in 1080 pixels resolution, with dimensions of 18:9, with the colors of the DCI-P3 increased by 108.6%, the brightness of 550 nits, the protection of cover glass Corning Gorilla Glass 6, also supports the content of the games HDR.
  • Chip Snapdragon processor 845 eight nuclei at a speed 2.96 GHz characteristic accurately manufactured 10 nm, with the disaster screen Adreno 630 .
  • RAM 8 GB RAM, with a storage capacity of 128 GB or 512 GB
  • The Android operating system 8.1 Oreo with the interface ROG Gaming X mode
  • Supports 2 SIM cards the size of a nano
  • Full control of the background with the sensor 12 mega pixels by 2 pixels at each point and a lens of f/1.8, Sony sensor Sony IMX363, LED flash, feature optical stabilization, auto focus, sensor another distinctive lenses once vision 120 degree wide-angle.
  • Camera front accurately 8 mega pixel camera, and lens f/2.0
  • Sensor-fingerprint
  • Speakers dual front 5-magnet, with amplifier audio double distinctive voice operations high precision and clarity.
  • Measurements phone 158.83 at 76.16 in 8.65 mm, with a weight of 200 grams
  • Battery capacity 4000 mAh

Phone ASUS ROG comes at the price of 899 dollars in the markets of the United States, is also available in black.


This theme phone games, ASUS ROG is applicable in India on the 29th of November appeared on Engadget.

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