Phone Honor 20 Pro gets a certificate, Google Play, has been launched globally soon

Honor 20 pro

For a period of time and even today it looked like the Honor 20 Pro is going to be the first victims of the embargo, the US ban on Huawei. Was announced about this phone in the same event which was the announcement of Honor 20 a few days after the application of the ban, and while I got the phone Honor 20 on the sources of Google, it was the phone Honor 20 Pro lacks that authentication at that time.

But fortunately, it seems that the decision to postpone the ban for three months worked for Huawei, because it allowed Google to add phone Honor 20 Pro to the list of smart phones authorized to use apps and services to Google Play Services. This means that it will be possible for Huawei or rather its brand subsidiary Honor the launch of the phone Honor 20 Pro globally as the phone to be able to use apps and services to Google, including the App Store and Google Play Store. It is noteworthy that the phone is Honor 20 certificate of Google Play Services on the first day of this month, is now available for purchase already in a number of places such as the United Kingdom.

It should be noted that the inclusion of these phones in Google’s database under the names “Honor 20 Pro / Nova 5T Pro” and “Honor 20 / Nova 5T”, so don’t be surprised if I saw the Chinese company you are selling the phone Honor 20 under the name of Huawei Nova 5T, phone Honor 20 Pro under the name of Huawei Nova 5T Pro in some markets.


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