Phone HONOR 9X offers a shooting experience that is exceptional for the price amazing

Continue to honor HONOR, a world leader in the field of smart phones, its commitment to meeting the needs and aspirations of young people through the launch of the new smartphone HONOR 9X recently, which features a lot of wonderful properties and diverse design of modern imaging capabilities and exceptional, priced at AED 999.

Chris Saint sing, president of the HONOR in the Middle East and Africa: “An phone HONOR 9X smart integrated the spirit of youth and development of large protected our users from this category, it is the perfect combination of features and characteristics of the software and techniques, and provides experience of using ideal through the adoption of the latest innovations the world of photography and design and performance”.

Features phone HONOR 9X Camera Professional offers the best advanced features and to help users capture images of whatever environment or mode.

You can phone HONOR 9X camera system tripartite and multi-use Lens with basic strictly 48 megapixels, provides up to 48 million pixels giving the user the rich details, in addition to open compared to f/1.8, the sensor compared to one-half inch to enhance image resolution and quality. The phone is also a camera angle very clear 120°, which help the user to expand the area of photography, while lens rear 2 MP aperture f/2.4 across the technical depth to the board to capture multiple dimensions effortlessly.

The phone offers a new experience of a night shoot a super thanks to put Night Photography with image stabilization artificial intelligence AIS and the integration of light 4-in-1.

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Engineers have the HONOR in bringing about a paradigm shift in the way the image processing algorithm using artificial intelligence advanced photo realistic and highly precision and clarity.

As the property of artificial intelligence to adjust the display configurations intelligently based on the information collected from the feature scene recognition, to produce a perfect image illustrating the details accurately reflect the wonderful colours, which ensures the best levels of quality of the image even during Image Capture automatically fast.

It welcomes young people usually document all of their daily activities and their adventures through video clips, but the movement make the task of filming a video even more difficult and lead to results blurry unsatisfactory, comes phone HONOR 9X to help in addressing this problem through a system of video stabilization artificial intelligence new, which is linked to the concept of installing traditional sound, to the user of the video clips are not clear resulting from hand-shake or move when you hold the phone.
To provide an entertainment experience unlimited user no longer HONOR 9X first camera phone selfie front that come out top as innovative solution to enhance the viewing experience in all positions and scenarios, where the user gets the full width and get rid of the front edge of annoying.

This provides the advantage of integrated display screen LED 6.59 inches to cover the front end by 91%, thanks to the side edges of the ultra-thin chip technology and advanced COF.

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