Phone Honor 9X screen HD is a great specification and

Continue to Honor the brand for Chinese phones offer phones innovative phone Honor 9X with advanced camera and sold for hundreds of dollars less than those produced by Apple or Samsung or Google, is advertising it on the phone 9X Pro Camera selfie pop up to 48-megapixel and three rear cameras includes wide angle lens 8 megapixel high-resolution screen from edge to edge, as for the price it is sufficient to state it’s you can buy three of them at the price of the iPhone XS Max one.

The price of the phone Honor 9X

هاتف Honor 9X بشاشة HD ومواصفات كاميرا رائعة وسعر تنافسيPhone Honor 9X screen HD and specifications of great camera and at a competitive price

Tell series phone Honor 9X Your Honor 8X, which is described by CNET as “iPhone XS Max low price, the best roads,” and starts the basic model new the same price of 1399 Yuan, which is equivalent to nearly $ 205 or 155 GBP or $ 285 USD, but probably will not get the chance to buy Honor 9X or 9X Pro any time soon in the United States or a handful of other states, and after that included the U.S. government, Huawei within the Black List by the management of the Trump because of national security concerns, the And avoid the network equipment own by Britain, Australia and New Zealand.

In the United States to stop Best Buy from selling phones Huawei, although you can still buy some models on Amazon or through the website of the Honor, the company laying off hundreds of staff research in the branch of the Future affiliate offices throughout the United States, and as such it is not clear when if you will be able to buy phone Honor 9X and 9X Pro new in the United States this is very bad, because the specifications are very attractive in addition to the camera pop-up andscreen HD full size, 6.6 inches, You can get sophisticated features including cooling the CPU at least in the model 9X Pro.

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