Phone HTC Exodus developer by block Chi will be available with the end of the year

هاتف HTC Exodus المطور بتقنية بلوك تشين سيكون متاحاً مع نهاية العام

Announced company HTC about her work on the phone developer by block Chi I called it Exodus by almost two months, but she didn’t talk about any details about the dates of release to the users time, however, according to the head of the company phone will be the HTC Exodus is available with the end of the year.

And the Taiwanese company will introduce new products in the world of smartphones after its increasing and fall repeated in the smartphone market globally, so the idea for a new work can change the field of smart phones, according to the plan.

The company aims of this phone to provide technical block qi as the operating system independent, as is the case with other systems, but according to the characteristics of technical encrypted the phone will get to the center of the data especially for users, as it will continue to decentralization in the conservation and use of the data, which will provide greater protection for the user as well as sincerity in the dealings of Foreign Affairs.

The company had referred the 1,500 employees retirement last month, its sales fell nearly 630 thousand phone only in the first quarter of the year, so seek the improvement of the financial results of the last quarter the launch of its phone innovative.

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