Phone HTC U11 finally starts receiving update to Android 9 Pie


Earlier this month, the company HTC to disclose the time frame will release update Android 9 Pie the identity of its leading smart current. And let’s be honest, it has delayed the company HTC, as they haven’t released an update for Android 9 Pie for any smartphone follow him except for phone HTC U11 Life which is part of the initiative of Android One. However, the promise of our company HTC released an update for Android 9 Pie first phone HTC U11 by the end of this month, and today the company has decided to Taiwan to fulfil its promise to finally.

However, it should be noted that the update to Android 9 Pie available for HTC U11 in Taiwan only at the moment. Thus, we hope that the company HTC the issuance of this update for more features phone HTC U11 all over the world soon.

This update is available over-the-air web the size of 1.36 GB, and once installed it will upgrade the structure of the operating system in the phone to version 3.22.709.2. As you can expect, this update brings with it all new features developed by Google Inc. in Android 9 Pie, as well as some improvements, and remove the Google +feature BlinkFeed because of the closure of Google Inc. this social network.

Since the sale of its team responsible for the design and development of smart phones, Google, is no longer a company HTC is very active in the smartphone market anymore, they are not only stopped from launching a lot of new hardware, but reduce its support also older devices, unfortunately.


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