Phone Huawei folding will carry the name Huawei Mate X, and shows in remarkable leaked


During this week, Samsung revealed on her smart phone rollaway Galaxy Fold, this means that the race now began to see the police following which will detects her smart phone rollaway. Is likely to be Huawei is the next company, it is other to reveal her smart phone rollaway tomorrow Sunday the World Conference for the MWC 2019.

Was published a photo showing they work to install a banner containing her smart phone rollaway. There are two factors and some of the scaffolding that obscured the label, but we can identify everything in this sign. Was the filming of the picture posted on the Twitter by @gimme2pm.

Know the signs phone a long opening in the middle before it is shown is pleated perfectly. Obscured by the scaffolding of the first line on the sign, but the second line says : ” the first phone 5G retractable in the world ” with the words ” Huawei Mate X ” right under it. Thus, this means that the phone Huawei folding will support 5G, which will be the name of Huawei Mate X.

Phone Huawei rollaway differs in terms of design from Samsung phone rollaway. While the phone is Galaxy Fold screen in the outside and inside folding, phone Huawei Mate X includes only a single screen folding up around the outside of the phone. When closed, users will be able to use only part of the screen folded.

This design is interesting, but we know that Huawei is always something else up its sleeve. We are happy to learn more about the phone Huawei Mate X, we expect to see this phone with high quality camera also. Anyway, we’ll know everything tomorrow, Sunday 24 February, at exactly three o’clock in the afternoon. the timing of Barcelona.

In this event, expect to hear more about the company’s plans Huawei technology 5G and hope to see some consumer products from other company also. We certainly won’t see anything about series phones Huawei P30 Series in this event, I decided Huawei official unveiling of this series in late March in the French capital Paris.

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